Surely one of the most complete and sharp projects I have been involved in, a 'from scratch' project for which it took a sharp UX design to organize a complexe navigation, lots of functionalities and a high volume of data, a responsive multi-themes UI design to satisfy every user and clever integration and development for the application to load fast.

"(Client) We need to Design and Develop a Desktop App that will have to be linked to the Ministry of Education. We just have a FullStack Developer on it.
- What Materials do you have?
(Client) None, except the Name!

- OK, that's fine..."

The first step of the project consisted in defining the key principles of the user experience architecture, taking into account the hierarchy of information and user flows in coherence with the type of device for which the application is intended. In parallel, a proposal for a plural identity graphic design was formulated considering the scope of the interface, the type of target audience and contemporary trends in graphics.

The next step was the integration of the responsive interface using flexible declarative code for WPF and each of its elements using the complete and documented graphic design material previously validated by the Product Owner, according to the 'pixel-perfect' method. The use of XAML allowed to avoid any important refactoring, some modifications having been requested by the owner during the development phase.

MasterM was launched about 1 year after the start of its design and development. This responsive desktop application required the creation of the most relevant responsive interface in terms of user experience architecture, several graphic themes, the management of a large volume of data and a development subject to the technical requirements for connection and data sharing with the Ministry of Education.

MasterM was completed using XAML and C#, SVG and Bitmaps.

Designed for Desktops and Laptops.

MasterM O
(Orientation) is a web-based mobile application born from MasterM that specifically offers tools for the orientation of candidates in the context of their enrollment in an educational structure. This mobile field application was designed to facilitate the acquisition of all the data of each candidate by the field staff and the communication of this data in a secure manner to the appropriate department via MasterM in order to complete and validate their registration and thus avoid incomplete files and unnecessary delays.

Designed for Tablets.

MasterM O, an extended app. of MasterM for field staff.

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